27% of Spaniards value energy efficiency when buying a property, but the price is decisive

27% of Spaniards value energy efficiency when buying a property, but the price is decisive

27% of Spaniards take into account energy efficiency when acquiring a property, although for 69% the price is decisive when choosing a home, as can be seen from a study carried out by the Credit Union Real Estate (UCI).

Together with the price of the house, the location (53%) and the size of the property (41%) is what buyers value most. Behind, are the distribution of the house, the design or the age of construction.

In this study conducted to know the perception that buyers have about green mortgages and loans for the improvement and decrease of energy consumption in housing, it is highlighted that 46% of buyers would improve the efficiency of their home, compared to 8% that would not carry out any reform.

In this line, the head of the UCI 'green mortgages' project, Catia Alvés, has affirmed that the energetic rehabilitation of the houses supposes “an interesting benefit” for the client and positively influences the saving, in addition to revaluing the property in more of 20%.

You can save up to 2,304 euros per year

"The difference between renting or buying a home with energy consumption rating G (the worst possible, but the most common) and another with a grade D (the lowest minimum) is estimated at 2,304 euros a year of savings," said Alvés.

In addition, the study indicates that 54% of Spaniards would be willing to take out a loan to make improvements to their home, although, on the contrary, the most reluctant indicate that the main obstacles to not acquiring a loan to improve the energy efficiency of Housing is not wanting to assume an additional expense or worry about having a higher monthly expense in the domestic economy.

On the other hand, it also points out that financing conditions are also “crucial” in decision making. In this line, it is highlighted that the mortgage interest rate is emerging as the most important factor (69%), followed by the installments (63%), commissions applicable during the repayment period (59%) or the Total capital of the mortgage (56%).