Catalonia will lead economic growth


Catalonia is one of the areas that will lead to economic growth this year, according to forecasts by the Foundation of Savings Banks (Func).

According to this analysis, the Catalan GDP will grow 3.3% this year, above the expected increase to 3.1% of national GDP. Only the Balearic Islands, with a projected rise in the economy of 3.4%, according to the analysis exceed Catalonia Func. Other territories that grow above the national average are Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Galicia, Basque Country and Madrid.
As for Catalonia, the Foundation of Savings Banks notes that the 3.3% growth this year will be based mainly in the construction sector. Looking ahead to next year, but expects the Func Catalan GDP growth slowing to 2.4% by the slowdown in global activity, especially in the services sector. Regarding the evolution of unemployment, Catalonia Func expected to close this year with 16.7% and decreased to 15.4% in 2017.