Cement consumption rises 19% in first two months of the year

Cement consumption in Catalonia has soared in the first two months of the year to 274,906 tons, 19% more than the previous year thanks to the recovery of the domestic market. According to producers, the increase is explained by improved residential construction sector and for the construction of two major projects in Lower Llobregat: Amazon logistics center and the shuttle train from Barcelona Airport Prat. By contrast, sales in foreign markets have experienced a decline of 27%. The production of cement has reached in the first two months of the year to 455,140 tonnes, which is nearly 17% more than the previous year. Despite the good start of the year, the industry warns that the activity is still about "improper levels for an economy such as Catalan." Per capita consumption of cement in Catalonia is 220 kilograms per capita per year, below the average of countries in the European Union, which is more than 350 kilograms.