FIABCI Spain predicts an “exodus” of Europeans who will land in Spain to live and work


The social distance imposed in the wake of the health crisis will change the interests of home buyers. But also the way of operating of the real estate agents. COVID-19 has completely altered the sector's forecasts for 2020, in addition to forcing them to close their businesses for more than two months.

And although uncertainty reigned in the beginning, as has happened on other occasions, real estate professionals have been more resilient than ever and have found new opportunities to continue on their way.

Europeans who will bet on living and working in Spain

During the COVID-19 crisis, one of the windows that opens to the sector is the sale of first residences to the international client, until now more given to investment in vacation homes.

"In this new world scenario, with the rules of social distance and the notable boost of teleworking, we will probably see an increase in the demand for first residences by European citizens, eager to enjoy the quality of life that Spain offers," said Ramon Riera. , President of FIABCI Spain, and member of the Board Directors of FIABCI International. as well as the owner of Eurofincas.

A new type of post-COVID-19 client

Another of the great changes that COVID-19 has brought is the growing interest of the Spanish in gardens, large terraces and green areas. Health comes first and real estate agents are beginning to feel it. There have been increasing requests from people interested in fleeing gentrification to locate in more isolated areas or in buildings and urbanizations where they can have a garden, pool or a large terrace.

“There is a new user who, before the pandemic, did not plan to change homes, but who, during confinement, has changed his mind. Now he wants to quickly sell his home to buy a new one, ”reflects Riera.

Virtual tours: a reliable solution

At this point in the equation, one of the solutions real estate professionals have on the table is virtual tours. This tool has demonstrated its reliability during the alarm state, since it allows the buyer to visit the home to be purchased from his computer. And, to the agent, close the operations that are already mature.

Riera believes that it is a “tool that has been and will continue to be very useful. Especially in operations of foreign clients ”.