Foreign citizens buy in Spain in 2015 almost 13% more homes


The foreigners compraron viviendas a total of 76,680 books in Spain in 2015, the supone that an increment of 12.9%, según datos General Council of Notaries. Esa cifra supone 20% of all transactions made during the sale of Housing año pasado y pone of the manifesto of the peso has venido incrementándose compraventas of foreigners since 2007. Most of the shopping is realized in the islands (Baleares y Canarias) and Citizens británicos fear.

Diferenciando between resident and non-resident foreigner, 51.7% of the sale fueron operations realized by non-resident foreigners. Even so, the book sale Housing por parte de foreigners residents increased by 18.2%, higher than the Tasa experienced by the foreigners purchasing non-residents stood at 8.4%.

All communities mostraron advance in the number of purchases by foreigners parte. Four autonomías REGISTERED increments lower than the national media, including Cataluña (+4.9%), Comunidad Valenciana (+7.2%), Extremadura (+9.8%) and Islas Canarias (+10.3%). The remaining communities mostraron aumentos higher than the national media, destacándo La Rioja (+59.1%), Castilla-La Mancha (+57.3%) and Navarra (+41.5%). Aragón (+39.8%), Castilla y León (34%), País Vasco (+30.7%), Murcia (+25.8%) and Cantabria (+25.5%) mostraron tasas de crecimiento ligeramente below. Fear beneath a Staircase, situándose a Tasa ligeramente higher than the national estuvieron Galicia (+23.2%), Islas Baleares (+22.3%), Madrid (+17.3%) and Andalucía (+13.6 %).

In 2015, the communities con mayor peso in the transaction Housing realized by foreigners on the total of the communities fueron Islas Baleares (44%), Canary Islands (39%), Comunidad Valenciana (37%), Murcia (25%) and Andalucía (25%). Por el contrario, on the REGIONS that the operations realized by foreigners tuvieron menos peso fueron Basque Country, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Extremadura and Galicia, with details to come back to 4%.

With respect to the nacionalidad of comparing viviendas foreigners in Spain, the mayor peso buyers with total fueron británicos them (20.6%), the French seguidos por (8.8%), Germany (7.5%) Belgian (5.7%), Italians (5.5%) and rumanos (5.3%). Todos ellos accumulate more of the operations compraventas Half of Housing book realized by foreigners in 2015.

The nationalities with the mayor actividad de mercado libre sale Housing fueron los rumanos during 2015, with an increment of 59% in annual Tasa. Likewise, ecuatorianos (+43.1%), británicos (+37.7%), Moroccan (+25.8%), Italians (+18.5%), Irish (+17.8%) Chinos (+ 16.8%) Suecas (+15%), Argentinos (+14.8%) and SUIZOS (+ 13.6%) also presentaron tasas de crecimiento year higher than the national media.

The average price sube 2.9%

With regard to the average price per m2 of the operations realized by foreigners in 2015 stood at 1.598 euros, what supone an annual increment of 2.9%. The average price of the viviendas adquiridas by non-residents increased by 5.6%, until the 1,792 euros, whilst the price of the inmuebles comprados residents fear foreigners will redujo 0.1% in the situándose 1,367 euros.

The average price of the viviendas adquiridas by foreigners is placed by enzymes in the national media Islas Baleares (2,580 euros), País Vasco (2,047 euros), Madrid (1867 euros) and Cataluña (1,856 euros). The rest of communities situaron fear is beneath the national media, destacándo por sus precios más reducidos Extremadura (576 euros), Castilla-La Mancha (597 euros), La Rioja (710 euros) and Castilla y León (712 euros).
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