Growing concern of the population for the increase in the price of housing


Spaniards' confidence in buying a home has remained positive in November, although in figures slightly below those registered in the same month last year and concerns over rising prices have risen, according to the report. last index of real estate trust Solvia.

The Solvia real estate confidence index (ICIS), which quantifies the perception and expectations of Spaniards about the suitability of the moment for the purchase of a flat, has been placed in the eleventh month of the year in 109 points, seven percentage points in Comparison with the figure registered in November 2017.

As reported by Solvia in a statement, the data is in line with that recorded in April (108 points), but slightly below the one a year ago, when the index reached its highest level (116 points). This survey also shows, according to Solvia's market intelligence area, that there is some concern among citizens about the upward trend in the price of housing.

For Solvia, the result of the survey is "consistent" with the view it maintains that the market has more growth potential in transactions than in prices, especially in those regions where population growth, disposable income and Unemployment figures are below the national average.

"Producing and marketing housing at prices according to demand will continue to be a fundamental challenge in the real estate sector," according to Solvia.

Of the two indicators that make up the index, the one that reflects if the current situation is favorable for buying a home is moderated, until it reaches the neutral situation of 100 points, mainly, according to Solvia, "due to the feeling of continuous price escalation. "


It is believed that prices could be contained or moderated
It also highlights that persists the perception that labor and savings conditions do not accompany the price increases. In fact, with respect to November of last year, the perception of the current situation has dropped by 9 points, from the 110 registered in November 2017 to the current 101.

Regarding the two-year situation, this has improved compared to April, since it goes from 113 points recorded in the fourth month of the year to 118 today, although it has worsened compared to November last year, when 122 were recorded. percentage points.

According to Solvia, this improvement in optimism for the future is driven by the belief, "growing", that prices will contain or moderate their bullish evolution. " In addition, in the personal sphere, "citizens also foresee better working conditions, savings and access to credit, which contributes to the improvement of expectations".

In the area of ​​rental, there is still a belief that prices will continue to rise, although it declines with respect to the survey of April of this year.