Hacienda discovers fraud in the land of almost 1.7 million properties since 2014


The Ministry of Finance has discovered a real 'treasure' hidden in the Land Registry, which began in 2014 regularization has completed its first phase last July 20 with some really shocking results. Fraud in the urban and rustic pattern of municipalities is of epoch-making because only in these two and a half years has uncovered a fraud of nearly 1.7 million properties for a total of 4,340 locations spread throughout Spain, except for leasehold communities of the Basque Country and Navarre.
Municipalities are the major beneficiaries of this program of updating cadastral covering a total of 6,331 municipalities, 83% of all existing in Spain. Of this figure, regularization is already completed in 4,154 locations, while it remains ongoing in other 456 and has recently begun in 1721. Inspections by space surveillance systems, including the use of drones, have reached 82% of the buildings around the country.
Apart from the rate of 60 euros charged by the Land Registry for each property, the main tax revenue derived from these actions lies in the application of Property Tax, the famous IBI received by municipalities. According to official data of Finance, the extraordinary collection accumulated over the last two and a half years thanks to regularization plan amounts to 1,254 million euros, representing a superior result in 24% to the forecasts initially established.
This amount helps explain the satisfactory evolution of local government in Spain, which last year reached a surplus of 4,765 million euros, equivalent to 0.44% of GDP. All this in an exercise paid off by all public administrations with a deficit of 5.08%. In 2016 the target set in the stability program is negotiated with Brussels establishes a level of 0% for local authorities, although the data of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (trade show) have come to estimate a new surplus between 0 , 3 and 0.6%.
Municipalities found in updating Cadastral a permanent source of resources, which is part of the policy to combat tax fraud undertaken by the Ministry of Finance. Not surprisingly, the number of properties that have been aflorados for municipal tax amounts to 8.6% of all real estate assets so far registered in the census. Thus, the administrative record of each municipality is increased by 3%, which guarantees revenue from IBI which is 16 euros of revenue per euro invested in the regularization plan.
The figures held by the Treasury show that within the 4,154 municipalities that have completed the inspection program 69% of the regularized omissions correspond to new construction (33%), extensions and rehabilitations (31%) and swimming pools undeclared (5 %). Another 29% is due to additional reforms and changes of use are also a fairly common type of fraud in Spain. Aflorados assets by the Land Registry are spread throughout the country, with special emphasis on Andalusia, totaling more than 373,224 properties in both urban and rustic regularized; Galicia, with 213,017; Castilla y León, with 164,141; Valencia, with 149,749; Castilla-La Mancha, with 141,135, and Catalonia, with 130,115.
Derivatives economic performance of revenues from IBI show, however, a greater focus on distribution by autonomous communities. Specifically, the Andalusian municipalities have recorded a total increase in gross tax of almost 307 million euros, while the municipalities of Valencia have achieved additional 141 million and 138 million Catalonia. The municipalities of Castilla-La Mancha add 92 million while Galicia collected just over 90. The Community of Madrid has obtained additional 38.8 million to the coffers of their municipalities, where they have regularized nearly 50,000 properties.
The breakdown by provinces places Lugo as the first town of Spain in number of properties that have been regularized (85,289), followed by Malaga (69,926) and La Coruna (68,702). Here are Alicante (66,333) and Valencia (61,679). The municipal top-ten is completed Badajoz (60,582), Seville (59,986), Córdoba (59,256), Toledo (58,570) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (50,143). As for the two great capitals, Madrid added 49,864 property while Barcelona recorded 48,974 omissions discovered two years and a half by the Land Registry.
In raising the big prize goes to Alicante (73.8 million) ahead of Malaga (62.5) and Barcelona (60.8). Then the municipalities of Murcia (59.2), Cordoba (52.5), Valencia (47.3), Las Palmas (46.6) and Cadiz (46.1) appear. The list of the ten largest beneficiaries the close Sevilla (45.3) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (42.8). In total, revenues from total increase in the full amount of IBI in the localities finished regularize reach a figure of 1,206 million euros. A whole grain that, surely, will continue to produce 'mineral' as you progress and the process is completed in the other 2,177 municipalities that are still under the scrutiny of Finance.
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