How many are at home? Households of one person are doubled in 25 years


The households get smaller. The floors where one person lives and are most numerous in the city of Barcelona. Some 201,345 3 out of 10. 12.5% of Barcelona live alone. The figure has doubled since the 90s, followed by occupied by two people (192,448), according to data from the population census of the city of Barcelona.

The increase in household 1 and 2 feeds people's slow but continued decline year after year, households with three, four or five people. Also down in Barcelona homes with seven or more people, which in some cases may reflect situations of overcrowding.
58,000 people over 75 years living alone in Barcelona
The whole of Catalonia lives one person in two out of every 10 homes. The data, in this case relating to population censuses Idescat, is 2011. 80s, were either half.
Most people living alone are more than 65 years. In Barcelona represent 44% of the total, 88,000 people. 58,000 have more than 75 years.
Catalonia as a whole it is estimated that about 250,000 people over 65 years living alone, and of those, 150,000 suffer unwanted loneliness and social isolation.
The other end: community life
At the other end there is usually live community life. "If I could be part of a group that decides to have children in common and collective, I welcome the idea," he said a few months ago the deputy of the CUP Anna Gabriel. The large family model, to educate "the tribe", a few months ago opened a heated debate in Catalonia and throughout Spain following the interview with the deputy cupaire, is rather symbolic. A
Catalonia there are only 62,700 households where two families live more than 2% of the total. The figure is very similar to the '80s.
Traditionally, in the West, the concept of family is equivalent to nuclear family. Ie mother, father and biological children under one roof. Although still the most widespread family from 80 years to here the model has diversified: single mothers, children of different marriages, children living with grandparents ...
Who lives there?
But how many people live in your household? 2.6 people on average throughout Catalonia, according to the latest data from 2011. A figure that fits the model of Western family, created with industrialization and the influx of people to the city. In Africa and the Caribbean average shoots up to 6 or even 8 people per household.
Catalonia and Spain are at the lower range in Europe in number of people per household, thus undoubtedly fall in the birth rate. The fertility rate in Catalonia is of 1.39 children per mother. Women have fewer children and have them later. This is the premise that since a few years ago demographers repeated over and over again to the point that finally warn that 2016 could become the first year there will be more deaths than births. Last year they were born in Catalonia infants 2% less than in 2014.
In Niger, in West Africa, on average, mothers have 7.6 children. The global average has fallen from five children per mother 60s to 2.4 in 2014.