Living in the street with permanent contracts: a new reality

The prohibitive rents Ibiza has pushed many people to live in homes or vans even though many of them have permanent contracts for years.
Two years ago that Frank decided to invest their savings in a motorhome. Four years ago who lived in Ibiza and had tired of rents and small flats and humid that found on the island. He calculated that the couple paid the rent for a year and bought a modern vehicle equipped with solar panels that supplies of electricity and hot water. They are so comfortable that the arrival of a baby, now has only 10 months, it has made them rethink their situation. Franco feels fortunate to have made that decision at the time and looks with astonishment, as the estate where he planted his home on wheels has been filled vans, caravans or cars. Their new neighbors did not want to make the decision, but they have been forced to rent because of the holiday rush, which is pushing workers with permanent contracts to live on the street.
A new city street
"The situation is very serious," said the private security guard. He says that, generally, is to "young people, all work throughout the year, they are not willing to pay what they ask for a rental." There are other cases more desperate as that of a colleague who was "caught" sleeping in the car at the same estate where he lives. "I was very embarrassed, but finally admitted that they had made out of the room he had rented for 500 euros a month because they wanted to start renting it to tourists. Now there is nothing that can pay, "he explains. The company still has the ability to take a shower at the premises of the company where they work, but Franco says his other new residents have enrolled in a gym just to qualify for a shower.
The accumulation of vehicles in these estates on the outskirts of town are becoming very obvious, but for now, the police do not act. "To me, in two years, only once came to ask me the papers and when they saw that they were in rule are gone," said Franco. However, it is feared that the situation is deteriorating by the proliferation of vehicles in poor condition. "I saw vans with only a couple of planks to build a bed and sleep," he says. Even adds, because recently had to go to warn individuals that they were firing at the same park, "as if we were at a campsite," laments.
gentrification total
Desorbitadíssim grievances caused by rising rents mobilized citizens. The most active group is affected by the holiday in Ibiza, which has become the main forum for reporting on the social networks. At the time of closing this edition, the last ad that denounced was a small one-room apartment that rented for the whole season at a price of 1,650 euros per month. A prohibitive price, so for, say, a couple of workers with a wage standard from 1100 to 1200 euros. "The real problem is that the floors have been removed from the local population in favor of a holiday rental in irregular conditions and, above all, protected by a large fiscal opacity facilitate portals," explains Pedro Gil, a member the 'Technical Department' platform dedicated to gather data and to investigate the phenomenon in general. Gil has worked all his life in the world of business tourism and recognizes that it has a "particularly sensitive social conscience," but could not avoid shedding a few tears in front of some of the witnesses are known. Gil admits he is a little tired of telling such stories and now want to focus efforts to seek solutions.
How we got here
The diagnosis is complex, but Gil be pointed out three key vectors: a tradition linked to fiscal opacity luxury tourism and leisure; a historical neglect of the Administration inspection tasks and lack of commitment to monitoring Internet platforms.
The first investigations have revealed that there are individuals who have announced up to 25 floors at the same site. "It quickly has become a very perverse use of what is called 'collaborative economy'. The law requires these data portals to protect the identity of the client. This is a perfect trench to develop a business out of the reach of Finance, "he explains.
Ibiza also appeared as a propitious breeding ground. "Many who were already we are investigating the illegal rent villas or boats or are related to gangs that sell Disco tickets," he adds. The platform has identified several organizations that have taken over and have rented apartments for the whole season (always black money) to get them to sublet days later. Mostly, he says, are the Italians, but there are English and German. Overall operating in the areas of Figueretas and Playa d'en Bossa, near the nightlife. "If you are able to rent the apartment to clients, motorcycle, taking them to the airport and sell the entrance to the nightclub, the result is a series of organizations that bring together a large and growing activity does not pay taxes, "he says.
From the platform considered that the Council of Ibiza is starting to react and held that, this week, has recalled the obligation for sellers of housing include the registration number of internet ads. Gil claims, however, an intensive inspection campaign to end the "sense of impunity" for criminals. "I am not used the excuse of lack of resources. If you drop three other s'acolloniran. "
While the government will think, user complaints continue to grow every day on the internet. Not only are the prices, but also detected scams bonds.
Franco says, today is fine, but it passes sentence on what will happen when her daughter grows. Now it has gotten to register at a friend's house to get the health card. We propose to return to Mallorca, where it lived 10 years, but nothing guarantees that if they think it is too with a similar problem.
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