Rent drowns family accounts: buying is already more profitable


Spanish families are more aware of paying a mortgage than a rent. In none of the Spanish capitals the rate of effort to buy a house of 90 square meters exceeds 33% of family income, the limit advised by international organizations, which does not happen with rent. In fact, the lease has triggered the necessary effort in the center of cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which has forced many families and young people to look for housing alternatives on the periphery of the cities, in neighboring municipalities and in secondary cities.

In addition, in the event that a family allocates that maximum of 33% of the income to the purchase of a home, in most Spanish cities it would be possible to acquire more square meters than those allowed for the rental of a similar house. In fact, with the same budget the purchase allows access to 35 square meters more than the lease in the case of Madrid. In Barcelona they are 30 square meters more.