The end of the holidays shoots the price of rent in Barcelona


When finished the summer there are more people looking floor. It is a phenomenon that occurs every year in cities like Barcelona, where new students arrive or employees joining new jobs. But this year the rent has soared. The real estate portal Habitaclia stresses that "this year the economic recovery and increasingly common presence of foreigners in the city have driven further demand for rentals." The consequence is clear. Besides demand, prices on the rise, and this September "have risen more than would be normal."

The CEO of Habitaclia Javier Llanas says also that "the supply of rental apartments in Barcelona could stagnate because there is not enough product rotation," a factor that can still raise prices more .
Rising incomes already noticed in August. According to the portal, Barcelona rental prices rose 18% in August over the same month last year. The increase was especially noticed in Sant Andreu (21%), Sarria-Sant Gervasi (20%), Old Town and the Eixample (17%) and Grace (16%), but even in Nou Barris and Horta -Guinardó raised rates (9% and 8%, respectively). But in addition there is a new effect, a price increase is spreading to Barcelona and the main towns in the vicinity as oil stain. Municipalities of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, Hospitalet (3.2%), Sant Cugat (20%), Castelldefels (9.5%) and Sabadell (7%) have noticed an increase in rental prices .
The price increase also note other real estate portals. Beatriz Toribio, responsible Fotocasa studies, says that although credit has opened the tap and have stabilized prices for flats to buy second-hand, "the rent is still showing good health" and says demand moved prices in certain areas such as Sarria-Sant Gervasi and Gracia "where the recovery in prices is leading to the peak reached in 2007".
One factor that contributes to dearer prices are students. Uniplaces, portal specializing in hosting international students, said that Barcelona is the second most expensive city for rooms in students after Madrid, with an average price per room of 380 euros a month, but it can reach the 930 per month in Sant Gervasi-Bonanova and 860 to the right of the Eixample.