The municipalities may act against abusive increases in rents


The plenary of the Congress has approved a proposal not of law to allow that the municipalities, in coordination with its corresponding autonomous administration, can intervene before abusive increases of the price of the rent.

The initiative, brought to Congress by Unidos Podemos-En Comú Podem-En Marea and finally agreed with the PSOE and PDeCAT, has gone ahead thanks to the support also of Esquerra Republicana, Compromís and Forum Asturias. On the contrary, PP and Citizens have rejected the proposal, while PNV and UPN have opted to abstain.
The text finally approved also calls for the promotion of a public rental park using empty houses of large holders, "primarily the SAREB and financial entities that are not fulfilling their social function", through legal mechanisms that oblige to incorporate these unoccupied properties to the public stock of dwellings.
Control sociologies
Likewise, the agreement of the Congress is to review the taxation and legal conditions of the societies with the objective of linking them to the promotion of affordable rental housing, and thus "guarantee the social return of these types of societies, preserving the social function of living place".
The initiative requires the amendment of the Law on Urban Leases (LAU) in order to reverse the situation of vulnerability to which, denounce, are exposed tenants after the reform of the law in 2013. In this regard, claims to improve the guarantees the extension of the legal limit to tacitly extend the contracts of three to five years "as a minimum" and the return to the CPI as a reference for the annual variation of the rental price.
Another measure adopted is to establish, within the Official Credit Institute (ICO), a line of credit to finance the construction or rehabilitation of rental housing at affordable prices, the financing of which should go to public or public-private partnerships of limited profit.
In addition, Congress calls for the inclusion in the next State Housing Plan 2018-2021 of rent-based rent assistance, not just for young people, as well as incentives to encourage smallholders to put their homes in affordable rent. In this sense, they call for an increase in the budget allocated to the program to promote the public rental housing park, with the objective of doubling the number of actions planned during the validity of the next Housing Plan, in comparison with the previous one.