The plan provides for 10,800 euros for housing aid for young


Young people under 35 who want to buy a home will have a budget to do that can reach 10,800 euros, if not exceed the limit of 20% of total floor. To access this help, it will be non-refundable and can be used to free housing, the young should have a yearly salary not exceeding 22,365.42 euros per year, ie three times the Public Indicator multiple effect income (IPREM) fourteen payments, and also have home ownership.

This is one of the novelties of the new housing plan 2018-2021 the Ministry of Public Works designed the autonomy to enter into force in 2018 and to recover aid for the purchase of housing that the current plan was abandoned.
Rent, first pillar
The new plan focuses primarily on rent, given the growing importance of this in Spain and the "imbalance" that has, since the scarce supply of flats due to the increase in income from the lease, according to said the head of Development, Inigo de la Serna. In this area, the new plan will articulate the specific lines of aid also for hire young people for over 65 years and those affected by evictions.
Thus, young people instead opt to buy a flat or rent it will aid that will cover up to 50% of monthly income. In addition, income housing can be up to 900 euros a month, since s'apujarà the limit of 600 euros the previous plan determined to qualify for aid. With this increase, Works would suit the conditions of the plan in certain circumstances rental markets such as Madrid and Barcelona, which shoots in high demand revenues.
Another novelty is the line of aid for over 65 years if they meet the same requirements for annual rent. In this case, bigger may receive a grant to pay up to 50% of income in case of floor living rent or another -of up to 200 euros a month- to pay for supplies of your home, ie water bills, electricity, gas or neighborhood community.
About evicted
For those affected by evictions, the plan provides that the aid may cover the rent of a property up to a maximum of 400 euros per month. However, in the case of this group is expected to access a housing that is made from empty flats that yield Sareb and financial institutions, so their income is lower. Support for young people and older will be granted for three years and two years in the case of evicted.
Rehabilitation special attention to energy efficiency and become another pillar of the new plan, which will increase the number of grants for this purpose. Firstly, it lowers the maximum age of a flat from 1981 to 1996 and includes single-family homes.