The sale of homes soars 18.1% in January


The sale of homes rose in January to 18.1% in Spain compared with the same month in 2016. There were up to 38,457 operations, the highest figure of the last four years, since January 2013, when nearly 40,000 transactions were carried out, according to Thursday's National Statistics Institute (INE).

With this increase strung 12 consecutive months on the rise and is higher than that recorded in December 2016, the month in which these operations increased by 6.8% year on year. Transactions of existing homes rose by 20.7% to its total of 31,628, while sales of new homes rose 7.2% annual rate, up to 6829 transactions.
Almost nine out of every 10 housing transactions are free and the rest, almost 10% of homes protected. The free sale of homes rose 17.9% in January year on year, adding up to 34,544 transactions, while transactions on housing rose by 19.5%, with 3,913 transactions. In monthly terms, that is, if you look in January over the previous month December- the sale of homes increased by 30%, its biggest rise in this month since 2014.
Catalonia, behind Andalusia
Andalusia was the region that houses operations performed in the first month of the year, with 6,776 sales, followed by Catalonia (with 6752 operations), Madrid (5818) and Valencia (5248). The communities made a number of purchases of smaller homes were La Rioja (318), Navarra (512) and Cantabria (515).
In percentage, the variation rates were greatest in Cantabria (+ 45.1%), the Balearic Islands (+ 40.5%) and La Rioja (+ 40.1%). All communities were promotions on year except the Canary Islands, where the sale of homes fell 0.5% compared to January 2016.