The sale of homes up 28% in May and highs


The real estate market continues to give signs of recovery. Data May the National Statistics Institute (INE) on sale of homes, published yesterday, show an increase in the number of transactions of 27.7% in Catalonia compared to the same month in 2015.
This figure is slightly higher than the 23.6% recorded in the whole state the same month. In total there were 36,425 transactions, representing the highest figure since January 2013 (39,920).
The increase in Catalonia this month is the second largest recorded in recent years, only surpassed by 27.9% that the sale of homes rose in September last year. However, the overall number of transactions, 5591 is the best figure recorded by the INE since the beginning of the transaction falls due to the crisis in the sector.
Moreover, the statistics of sale of housing accumulates 20 consecutive months on the rise in Catalonia, particularly since October 2014. In this period only experienced a slight decrease of 2% in January .
Flea market
The INE figures, however, show that this recovery is focused for now on the second hand market. In fact, 86% of transactions closed in May in Catalonia correspond to the flea market (in the whole state weight flea market was 80.7%, with 29,422 operations) .
Another evidence of the INE data is that it is the province of Barcelona, with its capital at the helm, the country is carrying out the recovery of the housing market in the country. In fact, the province of Barcelona 3992 was concentrated transactions, 71.4% of Catalan and 37.42% more than in the same month last year.
However, it was the province of Lleida, where there was a higher increase in purchases during the month of May, a total of 263 active and interannual variation of 46.1%. In Girona, the increase stood at 17.57% and a total of 716 active and Tarragona was the only province where data for May were negative. Specifically, 620 transactions were a decrease of 9.22% compared to the same month of the previous year.
Despite the overall good performance, the figures for May are still far from those recorded in the moments before the crisis. In May 2007, for example, the number of sales transactions of housing in Catalonia was of 11,753, more than double of that has been this year.