The SAREB 1,100 homes for rent from 170 euros per month


The SAREB the state bank which has absorbed the assets of financial institutions, says the rental market 1,100 homes from 170 euros. The aim of the organization is to "optimize the return on assets received, prevent deterioration of the residences, cover expenses and facilitate their sale," as he said in a statement.

The apartments and houses that SAREB enter the market are spread throughout the country and there are 200 in Catalonia. Through the website you can find Alquileres SAREB homes by province. The cheapest apartment costs 170 euros per month, while the most expensive house can be rented for 880 euros a month.
The bad bank also announced that its stock of low-cost housing will increase with the passage of months in order to facilitate the empowerment of vulnerable groups such as young people. The SAREB has 4,500 apartments and houses between assets that has been absorbed to help stabilize the financial institutions of the State.