The Spanish government closes the door to limit rents


Slam the Spanish government to regulate by law the rental of apartments. The Minister, Iñigo de la Serna, has warned it will not be any "intervention" on the Limitation of rental prices. After a meeting of more than two hours with the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, De la Serna has admitted that there are cities that have suggested this, but that "there is no short-term forecast" a change notice in this regard. This is one of the demands that led to the Colau meeting.

In addition, de la Serna also refused to change the law Tenancies (LAU) to extend the leases of three years and thus prevent large price increases.
However, the minister announced that it wanted aid to be extended housing. If such assistance to access the rental price should not exceed 600 euros, will now be the maximum threshold of 900.
For the City, it is an insufficient measure, because this only increases the number of people who can access it, but it does not mean that those who receive more money to benefit, nor that more funds be allocated to this chapter. In fact, in an informal conversation with reporters, expressed his disappointed that Colau de la Serna has not picked up any of their requests for housing.
Colau requested increase investment in this game, regular rents and modify LAU. As explained in the press, the mayor warned the minister not collect social proposals involve the anger of the population because the prices of apartments will be more expensive.