Two Ways to Sell a Floor: From Traditional Agent to Virtual Reality


More human than humans was the motto of the company that manufactured replicants in "Blade Runner." Similarly, one of the debates that has centered the end of Inmotecnia Rent in Barcelona, which closes today, is if the internet sales portals can bury the traditional figure of the API

In the not so near future. Guilt: virtual reality programs that offer customers more and more a very similar experience and in much less time. One of the constants of this event has been the contrast in the old, real estate and new technologies.

The APIS, one of the organizers of the meeting, have been worried about the prospect of being cornered by the new computer solutions that offer retail clients in the real estate sector more immediacy, transparency and an obvious saving of time. In their defense the real estate intermediaries have defended the confidence and proximity that offers the traditional face to face of all the life.

Inmotecnia Rent is an event organized by the Zona Franca Consortium, taking advantage of the experience of having been the main promoter of the Barcelona Meeting Point, at this time the reference fair of the sector in Spain. In this sense Inmotecnia Rent is like the little brother and "teckie" of Meeting Point, where the big data imports so much of the price per square meter. To this end the Consortium has partnered with the French company Real Newtech, which organizes a similar fair in Paris.

In Inmotecnia, the visitor has been able to find companies specialized in visits and 3D plans, in the use of drones to obtain aerial images, in CRM management, in virtual reality, big data, or software management, among others . In general the weight of the housing search portals has been very large: the leading portals in the real estate sector have taken over this initiative and Fotocasa has entered as the main sponsor of the event, while Idealista, and have participated as Exhibitors. The floor search portals have had a very specific weight in the event.

The weight of portals

It is worth mentioning the presence of three speakers in Inmotecnia, such as Didac Lee, Head of the Technological Area of the F.C. Barcelona and CEO of Inspirií, Vincent Lecamus, Co-founder of Immobilier 2.0 and Sergi González, co-founder Fotocasa. That is to say, of the three stars that have come to the hall, two have been representatives of the sector of the search portals, on which pivotal the application of the rest of technological innovations that the salon contributes.

Sergio González explained the transformation of the group Anuntis, leaving the paper to become digital and pointed out that "the real estate sector must adapt very quickly to the changes, in which technology will speak directly with people." At a future level, the founder of Fotocasa also stated "how can you take advantage of the large amount of data that big data offers to better match the needs of customers with the product that can be offered, for example by taking advantage of the synergies of The geolocation. "

On the other hand, virtual reality proves to be unbeatable for selling flats. "You can look at the size of the furniture, in the decoration of the distribution, says Núria Guerra, of the company Zania, which uses this system to market luxury homes.

From the storage room to the cloud

The fair has had a section of start-ups that will meet new companies, managed by La Salle Technova Barcelona, given the importance of entrepreneurship initiatives in this type of digital environment. One of these firms is Box Motions, which are defined as a "cloud storage". Again, mixing the old with the latest technology.

"We are very pleased with the reception of this first edition of Inmotecnia Rent," said Jordi Cornet, State Special Delegate to the Consortium, "for the success we are having with 46 exhibiting companies and more than 1,000 professional visitors." Cornet stressed that "Inmotecnia Rent shows the technological tools that exist to modernize the real estate business and make it more transparent. Our goal is that the final consumer enjoys the maximum transparency and technical facilities for their real estate choice. " The room is for professionals only.