Uses of facial recognition for the real estate sector

Uses of facial recognition for the real estate sector

Facial recognition is a technology that is very common in our day to day, now used to unlock mobiles, but can the real estate sector benefit from the advantages of this innovation? We'll tell you then.


What does this technology consist of?

It is a system that identifies individuals by the biometric characteristics of their faces. To function properly it has to carry out 4 essential functions:

Capture the person's face.
Identify the features and extract the biometric information from them to establish a facial biometric pattern.
Choose, from all the patterns created, the one with the highest percentage of similarity


Real Estate Application

These are some of the uses of facial recognition in the sector that can facilitate some of the long real estate processes:


Choose a house according to the client's face. There are already some facial recognition systems that associate certain physical features with types of dwellings. Will it succeed? At the moment it only exists as a game, but who knows if this software will be implemented in the future to ensure that with only a facial identification it can be found with the property with the most potential for each client.
Buy and sell real estate through facial recognition. For this to be viable, it will be necessary to register and verify all the relevant data and information of the parties, as well as their unique and non-transferable biometric pattern.


Once achieved, when a buyer is clear about what property he wants to acquire, even without having to visit it thanks to virtual reality, he contacts the seller, who verifies all the buyer's information. If an agreement is reached, only a digital signature will be necessary to validate the transaction, and a totally virtual sale and purchase will have been made, thus eliminating the waiting time to carry out procedures.

It is very important that there are organizations or entities in charge of regulating these transactions and of guaranteeing the total reliability of the databases that contain the information of the users. To achieve even more security and minimize the risk of fraud, facial recognition technology can be combined with optical recognition and fingerprint technology, thus giving more security to sellers and buyers.


Already in the present

The main use that is being given to this system at present is applied to security systems using Facial ID. Some companies already use facial biometric terminals to identify employees in charge of accessing the facilities. And, just like in property sales transactions, this functionality can be combined with code and fingerprint.

Although it sounds like science fiction, facial recognition is already common today, and as you can see from the ideas that are already being developed, it is increasingly close to being key in saving time and costs of real estate management.